Jacopo Gospel Quaggia was born on 3 July 1982 in Milan.



Our senses learn late and never learn completely to be subtle, true, and cautious organs of discovery. With a given stimulus, our eye finds it more comfortable to produce once more an image which has already been produced frequently than to capture something different and new in an impression. To do the latter requires more power, more "morality." [...] Just as a reader nowadays hardly reads the individual words (let alone the syllables) on a page - he's much more likely to take about five words out of twenty at random and "guess" on the basis of these five words the presumed sense they contain - so we hardly look at a tree precisely and completely, considering the leaves, branches, colour, and shape; we find it so very much easier to imagine an approximation of the tree. Even in the midst of the most peculiar experiences we still act in exactly the same way: we make up the greatest part of experience for ourselves and are hardly ever compelled not to look upon any event as "inventors." What all this adds up to is that basically from time immemorial we have been accustomed to lie. Or to express the matter more virtuously and hypocritically, in short, more pleasantly: we are much more the artist than we realize.

F. Nietzsche, Beyond Good And Evil, Aphorism 192